Marc-Andre Leduc University of Montreal (HEC), Commerce – Marketing
University of Quebec – Special ed. Teaching 2008-2009
Chair of the Qualitative Research Division of MRIA
Conference Co-Chair 2006 QRD/QRCA – “Bridging the Gaps”
2003-2010 Board of QRD of MRIA
Qualitative Research Consultant Association (QRCA) since 2000
2012- QRCA – Chair of the Eastern Canada Chapter

Marc-Andre Leduc is a skilled and specialized qualitative researcher. He has moderated over 3000 focus groups, triads and IDIs to date, bringing a strong sense of curiosity wrapped in a strategic approach to all projects.

Marc-Andre spent the last decade with a Quebec based leading qualitative research company, where he was Vice President and managed a diverse portfolio of clients. He moderates qualitative sessions in a wide variety of categories including financial, service industries, automotive, telecommunication, all CPG & medical.

His strong people skills and group management philosophy allows for all respondents to feel comfortable sharing with him: financial advisors, business professionals, doctors & patients as well as consumers/general public of all ages feel compelled to share with Marc-Andre their most intimate thoughts and feelings regardless of the topic. He has extensive experience in communication, creative/concept assessment, brand positioning, WEB site evaluation, new product and service development, with a special interest in exploratory methods.

Marc-Andre is a bilingual Francophone who moderates in French as well as in English. He is very quick to understand research objectives and adapts easily to various methods making him the Moderator’s choice of Moderator. He quickly understands exactly what the issues are and brings a strong understanding of the Quebec culture and customs to his analysis. This is a benefit especially when French groups are required to supplement a broader research initiative.

Specific to the financial industry, Marc-Andre has moderated sessions for practically all major financial institutions with financial advisors, employees and consumers; he has also moderated session for various credit card companies with consumers and SOHO clients.

This site is under construction, but you can contact me at marc@mleduc.com or by phone at (514) 808-6626.